Forums Dashboard

  1. From the dashboard, select forums -> All Forums to see all forums created on the platform.

You can edit/delete forums from the dashboard or create a new forum.

Creating a new Forum

  1. The title of the new forum you want to create
  2. A short paragraph about the forum, a way to describe the forum, what it’s for.
  3. Choose the type of of forum you want to create. Category means this forum will act as a category for other forums (e.g Sports)
  4. Do you want the forum to be open to the public or close.
  5. Set the visibility of the forum.
  6. Order dictates where on the forum page this forum will be, 0 means top and the higher the number, the further down it will appear.


You can access the blog from choose “Posts” from the left hand navigation menus.

  • All Post – to see all blog articles posted.
  • Add New – to create a new blog article.
  • Categories – to see/add new category
  • Tags – see all tags/add new tag

Post a new Blog article.

  1. The title of the blog article
  2. You can type/paste your article content here.
  3. Choose the category your article falls under or create a new category
  4. Choose tags for the article.
  5. Upload a featured image. An image that appear right above the title of the article.